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NEW!!! Calling from your computer using softphone StarPhone
Special for SIPMarket customers we created new softphone with SMS sending, new account registration, phonebook, calls history and on-click access to SIPMarket web-interface!
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Calling with PC
In order to call from PC, you can use various software phones based on SIP Protocol.
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Calling with mobile phone
If you have a modern mobile phone, you can install special software and use your phone for calls via the Internet.
Calling with IP phone or adapter
If you have a constant Internet connection, you can use a special IP phone or adapter. In this case you will have possibility to make and receive calls without PC, the same as you call with usual phone.
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Calls with IP switchboard
If you have a SIP-compatible IP switchboard in your office, you can connect it directly to SIPMarket in order to save money on international calls.
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Calling with GSM-SIP gateway Oktell
Call around the world, connect your own direct numbers, create the corporate access numbers or arrange for public phone office with the authorization of PIN-code with a simple USB-GSM modem and GSM-SIP gateway Oktell!
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SMS sending
You can send SMS to a mobile or stationary (CDMA) phone from its user interface as individual and group. It is also available to send from the mobile interface and API (your browser command line ).

Telephone access from cities
If you are traveling for business or just traveling - this service is for you! Write down access phone in the city where you are going and you can call to any SIP number with a conventional landlines. Simply dial the access telephone number, and after a voice prompt enter the access code and SIP number!
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Calls to the "two arms" (callback)
If you are unable to make outgoing calls - book call "two arms" (callback)using the internet! Service will carry out an incoming call to your number and connect with the ordered number.
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Direct numbers (DIDs)
You - the representative of the firm are located abroad or if you often travel on business and want to have a permanent telephone connection as if you are being at the office - a service "Direct number" for you! Draw the line number in almost any country in the world and you will receive calls, committed ordered by you, such as London's number, for example,y to your phone!
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Answering system
You want to receive information on your SIP ID, even if you are out? In the temporary absence of the Internet in your office? In case you are unavailable? Just turn on the answering machine - and you do not miss a single call! Enabling mailbox does not require any equipment on your side - a special phone number or SIP-PBX. The choice of greetings (3 standard and 1 user) listen to new messages and delete old through WEB-intereface system.

External registrations
External registration - it's SIP-registration on third party servers, similar to the registration of any other SIP-equipment - phone adapter, PBX.
In conducting income calls to be registered with an external SIP-number, which was carried out external registration call goes to the internal SIP-number in our system. That is, for example, if you have direct or mobile number in the party system, forwarded to the SIP-number in any other SIP-system after the external be registered on this number you will be able to make calls to the number in our system with all the extra opportunities - forwarding, AON forwarding, enabling the answering machine and etc.

A set of API-functions allow integration capabilities SIPMarket to your online resources. Create and delete SIP-numbers, statistics, work in virtual numbers - all available via the HTTP protocol via API.

Make money with SIPMarket!
Public phone office
If you own an Internet club or just want to make a public phone office, SIPMarket offers necessary software and consulting free of charge.
Organization of public phone office
SIP Office Lite v.1.6 Software Description
Selling SIPMarket vouchers
If you own a distribution network or just want to increase your income, this offer will let you sell funding vouchers of the SIPMarket Trade System.

Connecting of mini-gateway
This solution allows you to connect SIPMarket FXO or GSM / SIP gateways through which to make calls to ordinary landlines and mobiles. Log callers can be performed by caller, and on his personal code (PIN-code). Each of the callers to subscribers via the gateway is in the individual's account. Such service may be of interest to corporate users who have mobile employees who need cheap international calls, as well as individual users wishing to make calls over the possibility Ienternet to family and friends.

Interoperator cooperation with SIPMarket
Selling VoIP traffic

The SIPMarket Trade System allows operators to connect their gateways to the system and sell their services to SIPMarket users.
Connection of terminating gateways to SIPMarket
Buying VoIP traffic









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