Example of using GSM-SIP gateway Oktell

Example 1. You need to call from your mobile phone number of SIP-SIPMarket. Now it's very easy. Just make a simple adjustment - and call!

Step 1. Connect the computer to the Internet any USB-modem, for example Huawei E1550 (cost - $30).

Step 2. Insert the SIM-card mobile operator in it.

Step 3. Install GSM-SIP gateway Oktell.

Step 4. Set the mode «Gate» on it.

Stap 5. Prescribe SIPMarket settings on it.

Then, you can make calls to your SIP-number in the network SIPMarket, dialed phone number SIP-card installed in the GSM-modem!

If you forward it on any landline or mobile number you actually get a direct mobile number! It means, you can give your contact phone number in Moscow, and will take calls at his office in Beijing! Charged is only a call to a mobile phone number in Moscow and SIP-call on Beijing!

Example 2. You need to give their employees the opportunity to call on business abroad with mobile phone tariffs SIPMarket or call abroad from your mobile phone number? No problem! All you need to do is setup GSM-SIP gateway Oktell like in Example 1 and switch it to mode «Router»!

After that, calling abroad from your mobile phone tariff SIPMarket become easy and affordable! Your employee calls to the number SIP-card inserted in GSM-modem and a voice prompt after gaining the desired phone number in international format, for example 724999499 in Israel!.

Example 3. You want to organize a telephone booth in a rest home or allow guests to his hotel to call abroad from their mobile phones. A few steps - and public phone office is ready!

Step 1. Configure the gateway Oktell in the "Router" (as in Example 2).

Step 2. Change the settings for the server address gw.sipmarket.net

Step 3. Order provider account in SIPMarket.

Step 4. Create an account card with PIN-codes.

Following these simple steps you can offer customers access to phone card from a mobile phone various denominations!

In this scheme works with the client gains access to a mobile phone number, receives a voice prompt and enter on the keypad of mobile phone access code, "*", the destination number! The funds are debited from the card the customer's account to zero, then the client can update your account or purchase a new card!









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