About SIPMarket

The SIPMarket Trade System allows to make phone calls via the Internet at wholesale prices. The intellectual system for choice of an operator automatically forms a list of the most profitable gateways for the requested destination at every call. Moreover, SIPMarket users can make free audio/video calls between internal numbers within the system and other SIP-compatible VoIP services.

SIPMarket is people first of all: people who made their efforts for creating the system and people who believed us and became our partners and users of the system. Since the SIPMarket has been created in order to make convenience for users first af all, we tried to make the system profitable, simple and user-friendly. For these purposes some innovative solutions were implemented in the SIPMarket.

  • Simplified startup procedure for equipment and software. In order to connect to SIPMarket, after registration it is enough to make a few settings: type server address — sipmarket.net, own SIP number and password.
  • Automatic system for choice of the best operator. The system allows to achieve the best price/quality ratio to save your money and time.
  • System of automatical discounts. Every user gets discounts for commission of the system automatically when he reaches appointed volume per month.
  • Point-to-point voice transmission from user to operator. This feature allows to avoid transit hubs of voice transmission and, therefore, upgrade quality of communication.
  • Voice encrypting. Voice traffic encrypting technology (SRTP) allows to secure relatively high level of privacy for calls via the Internet.
  • Access to debugging information. Every user can get access to debugging information (log files) for more efficient control of his equipment and system operation.
  • All complex of services in one place. In order to provide you with maximum comfort, we try to realize all complex of SIP communication services within one system.

Before we created the SIPMarket Trade System we had analysed pluses and minuses of many VoIP projects and our own 10-years experience. As a result, we have a system that looks like other projects in some features, but, at the same time, represents a variety of unique approaches and solutions. This is our vision on prospects of VoIP evolution. We sincerely hope that the result of our work will be helpful for everyone.

Yours truly,
team of SIPMarket

Phone: +442080995014, email: info[at]sipmarket.net









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