Example of using direct numbers

If you have a direct number in any country - it means that you are available at this number wherever you are at that moment!

Office of your organization is located in Germany, but your customers are located in Russia, so you need to tell your customers your business card is the Russian, say Moscow, phone number.

How can you do it?

It's very simple: please log in using your username and password, and select "Direct number". Select your country to order direct number - Russia, city - Moscow and book direct phone number!

After separation of the direct numbers of what appears in the system, you can choose any SIP-belonging to you the number, eg 888 888 and section "SIP-numbers" turn on forwarding it to your booked direct Moscow numbers. The result: your customers are calling you from Russia to the number in Moscow, and you take it absolutely for free on SIP-number system SIPMarket, while in Germany or anywhere in the world!

If your SIP number 888 888 is transfered to a mobile phone, all calls made to your direct Moscow number will be taken to your mobile phone!

Thus, the service "Direct numbers" allows you to simulate your presence in the country of which number you are using, which number you use. Thus you can be with your callers in adjacent buildings.









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