Connection of terminating gateways to the system

General terms

  • At present the system accepts connection of terminating gateways using SIP Protocol only. In order to find out whether cooperation with other protocols is possible, please contact support service.
  • The system uses common tariffing scheme – by second from first second (0/1/1) for all destinations.
  • Support of symmetrical RTP on the side of terminating gateway is extremely desired.

Order of connection

  • In order to connect a terminating gateway to the system, first it is needed to register an operator's personal account.
  • After registration enter Web interface of the system and register an IP address of your gateway. Registration of selling equipment (gateways) should be made in the 'Equipment' section of the menu, subsection 'Sale'. You can get detailed information from information system which is accessible during registration of equipment.
  • After registration of a gateway at least one active destination should be offered for sale and a request for testing should be filled in the 'Equipment' section.
  • Attention! The list of selling destinations should be s! Single direction is not terminated!

Technical demands for connected gateways

  • The gateway must be at real IP address
  • Terminating gateway must secure correct transmission of information about beginning and end of connection
  • The gateway must transmit a correct answer in case of codec mismatch
  • The gateway must provide at least eight simultaneous connections

Gateways performing a termination of SIM-card mobile operators (eg, GVoIP / GSM / UMTS), are not connected to the system regardless of the implementation of the above conditions.










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