Calling with fixed adapters, gateways and IP phones

To make calls using adapter, gateway or IP phone, you need to:

  • Have Internet access at 64 Kb or higher
  • Switch on your adapter or IP phone and start an Internet connection
  • Register a personal account in the SIPMarket system
  • Make settings as recommended

Example of settings

Before connecting your equipment to the SIPMarket system, please check whether the equipment has Internet access!

Server address (SIP-Proxy, Proxy, Domain) –
Port – 5060 (default)
User ID, Phone Number – your SIP number
Password, PIN – your password

Examples of connection of various VoIP equipment are in the section «Questions and answers» which you can access after entering the system Web interface.

Dialing instructions

In order to make a call to a fixed or mobile telephone, you should dial its number in international format (country code, area code, subscriber's phone number). For example – 74957555755 (for a call to Moscow)
In order to make a call within the system, just dial SIP number of the subscriber.









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