Example of using telephone access from the cities

Using your phone to access the city is a widely used service when traveling outside your city or country. The service allows make calls to SIP-numbers with conventional landlines.


You are going to travel across the United States. Your relatives or partners have a SIP-number in SIPMarket. You plan to visit during your travel Dallas and Las Vegas. Before the trip, please log in SIPMarket using your username and password, select "Access from the cities," find a table of United States and your desired city. Under "Phone," are necessary for you to access phone numbers - for Dallas - 1-469-9484466, for Las Vegas - 1-702-5532797 Write them down!

Arriving, for example, in Dallas, you simply dial any landline number 9484446, then wait for the voice prompt, dial *9785 and immediately, without waiting the required SIP number. This will result in, free Call Toll on SIP-number! Arriving in Las Vegas, dial 5532797 and then along the same lines!

However, if the SIP-Number is currently inactive, switched off or inaccessible, you will not be able to communicate with its owner. To receive a call to a SIP-room in the event of his unavailability to in paragraph menu "SIP numbers" turn redirect SIP numbers to a mobile or landline phone! In this case, all calls made to the SIP number will be accepted at the number indicated in the forward!

What is the result? In the end the following: if you call with a calling card access in Dallas on SIP number routed to landline numbers in Moscow the price per minute conversation will be about 0.01 t.u. per minite for conversation! (Recall that 1 t.u. in SIPMarket equal to 1 U.S. dollar).









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