Organization of Public Phone Office

In order to organize a Public Phone Office for IP telephony (Call Shop) you will need:
1. SIP Office Software for registration of calls – delivered free of charge.
2. Standard PC with Windows OS that can be used for other tasks simultaneously.
3. Internet access at minimum 64 Kb (on the basis of 64 Kb per call).
4. One or several SIP-compatible phone adapters (for example, Grandstream HT386 (two lines, cca $70), Linksys PAP2T (two lines, cca $60), etc.).
5. Standard telephones with button dialing and tone mode (cca $10) for connection to phone adapters.
6. Connection to any SIP operator or Multioperator SIPMarket Trade System.

Note: in case of connection to the SIPMarket system you will get free of charge consulting and assistance for correct setup.

- Quantity of possible simultaneous calls depends on current codec (voice encoding algorithm), therefore it can make from one (G.711) to four (G.729) simultaneous calls for 128 Kb channel.
- Linksys PAP2T and Cisco ATA-186 adapters allow to make two simultaneous calls with G.711 codec only and do not support fax transmission protocol T.38.
- IP phones can be used instead of standard phones and adapters, but usually such system is more expensive.
- It is also possible to use software phones (SoftPhone) with microphones and headsets, but most people don't feel this way of calling comfortable, therefore we recommend to use hardware solutions.

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