Example of using callback

Callback allows you to connect two phone numbers and talk at the best prices. Request a connection can be if you have access to the Internet from your computer or phone("mobile callback").

Example 1

You are at the hotel. Your room has a computer with Internet access, you have a mobile phone or the room has a telephone. You need to call in Vienna. Simply log in using your username and password on SIPMarket and select "callback" . Enter your phone number (mobile or hotel) and phone number in Vienna - 431-XXXXXXX. Within a few seconds you get an incoming call to your number. After removal of the tube system, you will be carried out on a call number in Vienna.

Example 1

You have a mobile phone with Internet access. You need to make a call abroad. Sign in phone internet browser and go to a special address mobile callback system SIPMarket http://m.sipmarket.net. Pre-log on to "callback" of the system and configure the mobile callback. This requires lincode (personal page and your mobile phone number). To further expedite the recruitment process (just press the button with the number!) In the settings of a mobile pre-callback Get a room you need. Following these simple procedures you can order a call on his mobile phone even without the speed of the Internet (like 3G), as call to your number (incoming) will be implemented on a mobile channel!

Using a mobile version of the callback allows you to order not only to your connection and foreign issues, and any two other numbers (for example, you can connect to your parents and relatives abroad)!

Thus, the service allows you to save on calls abroad, especially if the incoming calls to your number are free!









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