Connection fee
Connection fee is absent for all types of calls.

Calls tariffing
For all directions we use tariffing per second beginning from first second. Prices in the system are set per minute.

Internal calls
Calls between SIP numbers registered within the system are free of charge.

Calls from/to external SIP networks
Users of the system can make or receive calls from subscribers of other SIP services free of charge.

Tariff unit
The system uses a common tariff unit (1 t.u. = 1 US Dollar).

Calls to fixed and mobile phones
Cost of a call on one line has several meanings and is defined of the routing and account available carriers. You can choose the gateway depending on the requirements to call for directions: from the lower cost and lower quality or higher price and high quality, with the requirement to the codec, the need for faxing, CLI, etc., or automatically depending on your default routing.


or type either phone number or its first digits, for example,  7495 for Moscow

Note. Market prices are shown without commission of the system for a minute of call.

Sending SMS to mobiles and landlines (CDMA) phones

Note: Prices do not include commission system for 1 SMS.


The system provides the ability to transfer CLI (no 100% guarantee of delivery, but guarantee transmission to the terminating gateway, except banned for using). Are allowed to be used as CLI only verified numbers (up to 5 numbers per account with the possibility of increasing by request) + acquired virtual numbers (DID).

Direct mumbers (DID)
Possibility to have its own phone number in another country or city

Commission of the system
Commission of the system is taken from a personal account monthly. Write-off is made automatically after every tariff month. Calculation of the commission amount is made on basis of debit at a personal account per month and table of discounts shown below.

Debit per monthCommission of the system
0.01 to 2020%
20 to 5019%
50 to 10018%
100 to 50017%
500 to 100016%
1000 to 200015%
Over 200014%

Note: For operators' personal accounts with both debit and credit calculation is made on basis of the biggest figure. Does not apply to direct numbers.

Payments ways











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