Connecting of mini-gateway

This solution allows you to connect SIPMarket FXO or GSM / SIP gateways through which may carry calls from regular fixed and mobile phones. Log callers can be performed by caller phone and in his personal code (PIN-code). Each of the callers via the gateway subscribers has The system of individual account.

Thus, this solution is a functional analog of IP-telephony cards

The solution may be interested:
1. For corporate users who have mobile employees who need cheap international calls.
2. For individual users wishing to provide an opportunity for regular phone calls via Internet their relatives and friends.
3. Hotels and inns, as an additional service for residents.

On the basis of this decision may also be implemented with a variant of payphone cards containing PIN-code. As a payphone may use normal IP-phone.

A feature of this implementation are:
1. The low cost of the equipment. Connection of equipment having one or more lines. estimated cost gateway with 1 FXO port - $ 90 (Linksys SPA3102), cost GSM / SIP gateway for one line is $ 150 - $ 200.
2. Ease of configuration and connectivity. The gateway can operate through NAT network including a dynamic IP-address. Any special network settings in most cases is not required. This solution also does not require a PC to any software.
3. Through the use of symmetric RTP technology provides better speech than similar solutions IVR uses remote.









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